Phone: +62 813 5334 9900
Address: Penestanan Kaja, Sayan, Ubud.

Ubud Pilates location map

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We are in Penestanan Kaja, just up the road from Cafe Vespa.

Starting on Monkey Forest Road, turn left when you get to the T-junction at the end, onto Jalan Raya (Ubud main road).

Continue along Jalan Raya past Cafe Lotus (on your right) until you start going downhill, into what feels like a rainforest tunnel with large stone walls on either side.

At the bottom of the hill you will cross a small bridge over the river. Indicate left and take the very sharp, uphill turn about 50m past the bridge (just past Blanco Museum).

Continue for about 400m passing shops, restaurants and resorts. Follow the road to the left and down into another rainforest like tunnel and then up the hill on the other side.

At the top of the hill, take your first right (about 80m) and then turn right again at the next intersection.

Travel along this straight road, up the rise and past Kopi Desa Cafe (on the right) until you see a paved road in front of you and the road that you are on veers sharply to the left.

Continue straight ahead onto the paved road, you will see Cafe Vespa off to your left.

About 120m up the paved road on the left side, you will see our sign. Park on the road and walk up the driveway next to the sign.

About 20m up the driveway you will see a covered carport on the right that has two bamboo doors at its’ rear. Take the door on the left to enter the studio.

The journey should take just under 10 minutes to complete, traffic permitting.