Schedule & Descriptions


The beginner class is a full body workout but it’s also a foundation class. The stronger your foundation, the higher you can build. The principles of Pilates are frequently revisited and constant cueing is given. We’ll focus on mastering the fundamentals, developing your mind-body connection, building your strength and improving your flexibility. This class is for both experienced beginners and people who are new to Pilates.


You’re feeling good now, noticeably stronger & more flexible. The movements are becoming familiar and your body is more or less doing what your mind is telling it to. You’re ready for intermediate. More load is added, the pace increases, movements are progressed and you start to notice a deeper rhythm to the movements. This is where the fun starts!

High Intermediate

Congratulations, you’re doing great! Time to step it up again. Familiar movements are progressed, new movements are introduced and still more load is added. Considerable core, arm and shoulder strength must be combined through mind-body awareness to successfully complete a high intermediate class.

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